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Looking for Fence Ideas? We Are the Eugene Fence Company You Are Looking For!

There are many reasons home owners and businesses in the Eugene and Springfield area are looking for fence ideas and how to add them to their property. So lets look at some of the many reasons why you may want to join them and add a fence to your premises. Eugene Fence Request #1: Safety… Read more »

Spring Flowers

The Heralds of Spring Look closely. Really, as you drive through your neighborhood, or take a stroll to the park, just glance into the passing flowerbeds and you will see them – The Heralds of Spring. They are beautiful. They are fragrant and they are the messengers of what is to come. Tired of the… Read more »


What is a bioswale? A bioswale is a landscaping feature that acts as a filtration system for surface runoff water. They are environmentally friendly alternatives to storm water sewer systems that merely drain unfiltered runoff water into our rivers and streams. Often found near parking lots and roadsides, bioswales filter silt and pollutants such as… Read more »

Arborvitae Landscape Trees

Arborvitae Eugene Oregon

Landscapes change drastically throughout the year. However, some plants allow you to control your yard’s color palette year round. Arborvitae are evergreen trees that require little maintenance and provide a splash of green that lasts all year. Benefits of Arborvitae The benefits of Arborvitae range from their lack of required maintenance to their ability to act as a… Read more »

Spreading Bark & Mulch

Did you know that Winter is a good time to add new bark to your beds? After the leaves have been picked up, it is best to spread landscaping mulch before perennials grow back in the Spring. Adding a top layer of new bark mulch every year will ensure that your landscape looks great year round…. Read more »