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What should I do about all this ash in my yard?

ash in my yard

What should I do about all this ash in my yard? 2020 has been a crazy year for a variety of reasons. Recently, the vast wildfires in our area have been another of 2020’s curve balls thrown our way. During these wildfires, ash has accumulated all over Lane County, and you may find yourself wondering,… Read more »

Winterize Your Irrigation/ Sprinkler System to Prevent Breaks

With the recent cold weather moving in we wanted to send out a reminder to get your irrigation system shutoff properly. When water freezes in your backflow it will cause it to crack. The best way to protect your system from leaks is to winterize it in the Fall. This process removes the water from… Read more »

Why You Should Stay off Your Frozen Lawn

Welcome to Winter! Winter brings many beautiful, unique, and fun opportunities. Freezing temperatures, however, also give us reasons to be cautious. Frosty lawns create a beautiful scene in the morning but you should do your best to avoid walking on them. Frozen grass can break and it will take time for it to recover. Frost… Read more »

Register Guard Reader’s Choice Award for Landscaping 2017

At Living Concepts, we are very proud of our community and environment. We love the people we work with and the outdoor spaces where we spend most of our time. For these reasons, we are so honored to receive a Register Guard Reader’s Choice Award for Landscaping 2017. Our Community We love the Eugene/Springfield area… Read more »

Lawn Mowing Services in Eugene

Let’s face it. The Northwest is beautiful. But with great beauty comes great responsibility. Lawns are going to grow, and grow fast. What you need is some help maintaining the beast that dictates the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to spruce up your yard, or just want someone to… Read more »

The Danger and Beauty of Frosty Lawns

Frosty Lawns: The Dazzling Danger If you live in Lane County, you will deal with frosty lawns. Maybe this is your favorite time of year, waking up with a shimmering white blanket over your yard that shines brightly in the morning light. Or maybe this is the time of year where you feel like maintaining your… Read more »

Leaves Change Color

Why do leaves change color? As the season changes from summer to winter, fall arrives and leaves lose their normal, green color. Leaves change color due to chemicals in the leaves themselves, as well as the amount of daylight and temperature to which the leaves are exposed. Leaves are Green Leaves are green during the spring… Read more »