Lawn Mowing Services in Eugene

Let’s face it. The Northwest is beautiful. But with great beauty comes great responsibility. Lawns are going to grow, and grow fast. What you need is some help maintaining the beast that dictates the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to spruce up your yard, or just want someone to check up on the green in your space, lawn mowing services in Eugene are important. And we are here for you.


1981 was good year for space travel, conceptually designing a intercommunicative platform deemed the “internet,” and presidents that we hate or like depending on your predisposition towards Lawn Mowing Services in Eugenecertain political fancies. This was also the year Living Concepts Landscape Services was born. No, we didn’t come up with that name for awhile, but bear with me. A young man with a bike and a lawn mower began his own lawn mowing services in Eugene–and though the word “young” no longer applies, lawn mowing services in Eugene still fits the bill. 35 years later and Living Concepts is Eugene’s premiere landscaping company with a top tier staff, offering services off all kinds.



Living Concepts boasts an impressive staff who are able to handle anything your yard might throw at them. We offer the best lawn mowing services in Eugene, but are also knowledgeable on yard restorations, Lawn-Mowing-Services-in-Eugenemaintenance, plant installation, and irrigation installation and repair. But let’s not get carried away, lawns are the most important part of any yard, right? Wrong. Unless, of course, it’s the most important part to you, in which case it is most definitely the most important part for us. Basically, we work with our clients to ensure that we focus on what they care about the most. Keep in mind, we offer the best lawn mowing services in Eugene.

Lawn Mowing Services in Eugene

So why focus so much on “lawn mowing services in Eugene?” Well, that was where we were born in 1981, and high quality lawn care is where we still thrive today. In fact, we’ve gotten better. We know how to manage your lawn throughout the year to keep it happy and healthy. This means mowing in different patterns on a weekly basis. It also means cutting it shorter in cooler weather and taller when Lawn Mowing Services in Eugenethe heat comes. We fertilize on a regular schedule, aerate lawns to help them breathe, and maintain environmentally safe pest control. These are only a few aspects of our lawn mowing services in Eugene. And lawn mowing services only scratch the surface of what we can do for you and your yard. In fact, lawn mowing services in Eugene may even be an incorrect term. That is because we service lawns all over Lane County. So whether you are in Eugene or beyond, if you have a lawn we can help.

If we are not already servicing your lawn, or if you would like to talk with us about what services we can provide for you, contact us today.