Sprinkler System Installation

In our environment, sprinklers are a must to keep yards green year round. We install many sprinkler systems to fit yards of all shapes and sizes, or as part of newly constructed spaces. Here is a brief look into the sprinkler system installation process.

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We design sprinkler systems either to match previously existing yards or as part of new landscape installations. We have decades of experience in irrigation and know what it takes to keep landscapes healthy. Whether the goal is a green lawn, beds of shrubs, flowers, gardens, or any number of exotic plants, we can help quench the thirst of any yard with sprinkler system installation. Designing a system involves planning for plant variety, sprinkler head placement, water pressure, and a number of other factors.

Sprinkler System Installation

Preparing a yard for sprinkler system installation involves creating a blue print of the many trenches, pipes, and sprinkler heads. Once a map has been created, trenches are dug, valves put in place, and pipe laid. We use a wet and dry form of plumber’s glue with PVC pipe to direct the flow of water to sprinkler heads. In addition to these lateral lines, we lay a main line which comes off the main water supply for the house, taking water to the the different electric valves that hook up to the sprinkler controller. We lay the wire from these valves and install a sprinkler controller that will be used to operate the sprinkler system. Once every trench has been dug, and the wires, pipes, and sprinklers set in place, we back fill and compact the trenches. We are licensed to install irrigation systems at both residential and commercial properties, including backflow installation and annual backflow testing.

Operating the Sprinkler System

As part of the installation, a controller which determines watering time and other aspects of your irrigation will be installed. These controllers can be controlled by remote or on the unit itself. They Sprinkler5include manual watering functionality, as well as the ability to set up automatic, scheduled watering times. Different plants may need more or less water than others, and certain areas of landscapes with less shade may need more water than sunny spaces. A controller has multiple programs, watering start times, and other features which make watering any plant in any yard easily possible and efficient. Once we set up the controller with automatic and scheduled watering times, all that is needed is to sit back and watch the yard thrive.

Owning a Sprinkler SystemIMG_6958

As the owner of a new sprinkler system, we recommend annual maintenance. We provide these services, which include activating the system in the Spring, winterizing it in the Winter, and fixing any damage done to sprinkler heads and/or water lines throughout the year. Roots and normal wear and tear make regular check ups on sprinkler systems important to keep the system functioning at the highest level.

We install at both residential and commercial properties. If you would like sprinkler system installation in your landscape, contact us today.