Spring Flowers

The Heralds of Spring

Look closely. Really, as you drive through your neighborhood, or take a stroll to the park, just glance into the passing flowerbeds and you will see them – The Heralds of Spring. They are beautiful. They are fragrant and they are the messengers of what is to come. Tired of the cold? Tired of the rain? Tired of dreary, fog filled days? These wonderful emissaries are here to encourage you and to usher in Spring!

Who are these wonderful ambassadors of happiness? They are the Hellebores, the Daphne and yes, even the cheery Daffodils.



The Hellebores are a cure for our late winter blues. The sky may still be gray, the rain may still fall, there even may be a threat of frost in the forecast; but the many shades of Hellebore bring delight to the eyes and hope to the heart for the days ahead. This wonderful perennial grows more drought tolerant with age and comes with a built in resistance for plant devouring deer.



Then there is the daDafodillffodil. This early spring bulb brings delight to your flowerbed. With its trumpet like center surrounded by its chorus of petals, this flower doesn’t just call for your attention but it proclaims boldly that spring is at hand. This lovely beacon of happiness broadcasts the coming of the new season in a far more reliable fashion that any furry rodent could ever hope to.



Our very favorite Herald of Spring is the Daphne. Our darling Daphne not only delights with the beauty of her blooms, but she mounts an assault, in the most pleasant way, on our olfactory senses. We may stroll past our dear friend, tooIMG_4036 busy to notice her, but she emits the most amazing fragrance which captivates our senses, causing us to look about for the source of such pleasantness. In fact, this old garden favorite has a scent so thick that on the warmest of days, it can envelope an entire neighborhood. The Daphne is a beautiful, low maintenance shrub which likes filtered sun and will grow with little attention. Truly, no yard should be without this evergreen shrub and, if possible, it should be planted near the most frequently used doorway. As you enter and exit, the heavenly aroma will encourage you and uplift you; just another reminder that spring is nearly here.

So if you are suffering from a dose of winter blues, take a walk, run or drive keeping awareness in your eyes and nose. If you focus your attention, you will not miss the Heralds of Spring. They are here, they are abundant, and they are announcing the appearance of spring.

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