Bioswale by Living Concepts in West Eugene

What is a bioswale?

A bioswale is a landscaping feature that acts as a filtration system for surface runoff water. They are environmentally friendly alternatives to storm water sewer systems that merely drain unfiltered runoff water into our rivers and streams. Often found near parking lots and roadsides, bioswales filter silt and pollutants such as trash, bacteria and harmful chemicals.

How does it work?

  1. Storm water runs off surface pavement into a ditch leading to the bioswale
  2. Water is absorbed by soil and plants in the bioswale
  3. Pollutants and silt are filtered by the plants and rocks of the bioswale
  4. Cleaner storm water is drained into our water system

Elements of a bioswale

  • Downward sloping landscape, up to a 6% decline
  • A ditch to control the flow of runoff water
  • Soil, plants and rocks that can handle tough environmental conditions


  • Filters silt and pollutants including trash and bacteria
  • Absorbs harmful chemicals such as pesticides
  • Treats storm water quality and protects our environment
Bioswale in West Eugene by Living Concepts

Bioswale in West Eugene by Living Concepts

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