Four Steps Towards a Healthy Lawn


A healthy lawn is the focal point of any landscape. A lawn either detracts or adds to curb appeal, and it can make your yard a place you avoid or a place you love to be. Keeping your lawn the color you want is not always as easy as it seems, but there are four easy steps that will help your lawn look great year round.

1. Regular Maintenance

Like anything else in your yard, your lawn needs attention! Weekly mowing and edging to keep your lawn at the right height and within its boundaries will point you in the right direction towards the perfect lawn. Don’t cut it too short (especially in the summer), and don’t let it get too tall, because both will hurt your lawn. Also, edging is important to keep your lawn defined and to stop it from invading planting beds or even sidewalks.

2. Water

Lawns are thirstier than you might expect. For Lane County, plan on watering your lawn throughout the spring, summer, and parts of fall. It is important to manage the amount of watering your lawn receives, as it will need less when it’s cooler and more when it’s dry and sunny. Regulate your lawns intake by manually watering more or less, or by using the seasonal adjustment on your sprinkler controller. A healthy lawn requires regular watering.

3. Fertilize

To really get your lawn looking healthy it is important to fertilize once a month. Be careful though, as some fertilizers may hurt your lawn if they are over applied. We recommend using an organic blend of fertilizer to avoid “burning” your lawn. Be sure to read the instructions on whatever fertilizer you buy because some work differently than others. Fertilizing is often seen as the icing on the cake because it can take a lawn to the next level.

4. Treat for Weeds and Pests

Weeds grow just about anywhere, even in your lawn. By using herbicide you can manage the weeds in your lawn without hurting the lawn itself. If pests are a problem in your lawn, you may also apply insecticide to reduce or eliminate any damage.

The best way to ensure your lawn’s health is by trusting its maintenance to the pros. Contact us today to get started nursing your lawn back to health!