3 tips to water your lawn properly in a heat wave

With continuous heat waves setting high temperature records this summer in Lane County and across the Willamette Valley, it is becoming critical to strategize to keep the lawn green and healthy.

Take a look at these three tips to protect and maintain your landscape this summer:

1. When is the best time to water my lawn?

  • Water your lawn at 2 or 3 a.m.so that the lawn can be wet before the sunrise
  • Watering early in the morning allows for more water to soak into the lawn before it is evaporated by the heat of the day
  • We advise to water your lawn everyday this summer to keep your lawn green and healthy. Watering a few times a week would normally be acceptable in Lane County. However, it is better to water more frequently for less time which lessens overall water usage
  • Rainy weather or cooler temperatures mean that your lawn will not need as much water. In these cases, it is preferable to water your lawn less often

2. How can I make sure that the entire lawn is being watered?

  • Because a sprinkler does not cover the area of lawn immediately around it, make sure your irrigation system has head to head coverage to ensure that all areas of your lawn are getting water from two or three sprinklers
  • Make sure that your sprinklers are not damaged or clogged
  • Consider using rotor heads for larger lawns to improve efficiency

3. What else do I need to know?

  • Make sure your sprinklers are not watering the sidewalk or street
  • Watch your system during a water cycle to find out how long each zone can run before puddling begins
  • Fertilizing your lawn will cause the roots to grow deeper and better absorb water and other nutrients
  • Aerate your lawn at least once a year to ensure that the water is thoroughly getting to the root system

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