Landscaping Summer Annuals

El_03Summer annuals have a powerful affect in any landscape. These annuals make landscapes come alive with vivid colors that raise any yard’s standard of excellence and beauty.

Benefits of Summer Annuals

The benefits of adding summer annuals to your yard are numerous. These flowers add to any yard’s color palette and can be used specifically to work in any part of a landscape. Germinating in spring or early summer, these flowers will brighten your yard until the fall. Utilizing summer annuals makes any yard beautiful and helps create a space where you will love to be.

Planting Summer Annuals

Summer annuals can be planted in spring or summer, lasting all the way until fall. Because they germinate in spring and early summer, now is the best time to plant summer annuals. Because of the wide variety of summer annuals available in the Pacific Northwest, these flowers can be used in any manner, utilizing almost any color, to highlight certain parts of your landscape.

Caring for Summer Annuals

The most important aspect when caring for summer annuals is managing their water intake. Annuals need regular watering as they are rarely revived after experiencing a prolonged lack of water. Summer annuals also require the removal of dead blooms so that other blooms can last longer. However, if this seems like too much work, there are certain species of summer annuals that can survive with less water and others that have blooms that drop once dead.

We are happy to plant summer annuals in your yard, or take care of the ones you already have! Contact us today if you would like to discuss how summer annuals can improve your landscape.