Arborvitae Landscape Trees

Arborvitae Landscape Tree in Eugene OregonLandscapes change drastically throughout the year. However, some plants allow you to control your yard’s color palette year round. Arborvitae are evergreen trees that require little maintenance and provide a splash of green that lasts all year.

Benefits of Arborvitae

The benefits of Arborvitae range from their lack of required maintenance to their ability to act as a hedge or focal point in any landscape. Once planted, Arborvitae grow slowly and require little maintenance after their first year. Arborvitae are often used as privacy hedges because of their thick foliage and slow growth. Because these trees grow so slowly, they rarely need to be pruned or cut back.

Planting Arborvitae

Though Arborvitae are relatively easy to deal with, their planting does require some care. Most Arborvitae can survive anywhere, however some varieties require specific climates to flourish. Also, Arborvitae should not be planted too close to each other, which is a common mistake when they are planted as a hedge. Arborvitae can also be planted any time of the year, however it is best not to plant them in the heat of the summer.

Caring for Arborvitae

Arborvitae provide color to landscapes year round. In addition to their ability to thrive as a hedge or single unit, Arborvitae require little care after their first year of being planted. They can be added to your yard any time of the year, which makes them a great winter addition to add curb appeal or privacy to your yard. Contact us today if you are interested in adding Arborvitae to your landscape.