Spreading Bark & Mulch


Did you know that Winter is a good time to add new bark to your beds? After the leaves have been picked up, it is best to spread landscaping mulch before perennials grow back in the Spring. Adding a top layer of new bark mulch every year will ensure that your landscape looks great year round.

A recent study out of Michigan State University found that adding mulch to a landscape greatly affects the health of plants and shrubs. In fact, shrub growth in a mulched bed experiences a faster and more healthy growth rate due to the increased moisture availability caused by adding mulch. Also, beds that have bark discouraged weed growth by 75%.

Benefits of Landscape Mulch in Eugene, Oregon

  • Mulches inhibit weed growth and any weeds that do grow are easier to pull.
  • Fresh bark maintains a higher moisture level and consequently allows for healthier plant growth.
  • Mulch limits erosion.
  • Mulch keeps soil from splashing onto plant leaves.
  • Gravel or rock mulches can prevent rainwater runoff.
  • Best of all, bark mulches add the perfect finishing touch to a landscape.

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